Friday, November 13, 2020

New High School Taking Shape 11.13.20

 This was an exciting week for construction as the NE hip roof was completed with log support posts and the Commons saw the installation of steel posts and the enormous glu-lam beams that will be exposed in the vaulted ceiling of the Commons.

Looking up from the floor of the new Commons to the beams above. Wrapping will be removed to expose the wood when the roof is completed.

Each of those beams weighs 6000 lbs. They were craned in as though they were toothpicks! 

In the hallway of the new classroom wing, there are areas where students can work on projects outside of the classroom. We call these "Thinking Boxes" and there will be special ceilings in  these areas to distinguish them from the hallway. Here is a photo of the sheetrocked ceiling in a thinking box.

Thinking Box ceiling

The locker rooms are just waiting on tile. Lockers and floors are installed. The rooms are so bright with the new lights. 

Coaches' Office

PE Lockers- For day use.

Varsity Locker room.

There is a varsity locker room and a PE locker room for girls and for boys. These are separated by doors and each locker room is fully functional- toilets, showers, lockers. When we have games, visiting teams will use the PE lockers and our teams will use the Varsity lockers. 

Next week

Sheetrocking will continue in all areas next week and painting will begin in some areas. Exterior windows will begin to be installed toward the end of the week. Asphalt shingles on the new roof will begin. Framing in the new Commons and kitchen will continue.

Plumbing and electrical work continues next week in the gym. Ceiling grids are installed in the shop and CTE areas. Next week will see mechanical and electrical trim being added to that ceiling. New stairs are being constructed in both shops and new rails will be installed in all three shop mezzanines.