Thursday, November 29, 2018

Blog Questions

Recently had an observation that this blog appears to be a personal one and that I may be conducting professional business on a personal blog. Originally, this was a personal blog where I wrote about educational issues and what I was learning about serving children and families in Washington State. It has been idle for a few years. I saw this as a venue where I could, through my professional work as the superintendent, keep our community informed on the progress that the district is making on building the new high school.

I will not be sharing personal opinions or observations on the state of education in Washington and the U.S. This blog will be strictly about the work being done to construct the new school. It also won't be a forum for public conversation. Folks who'd like specific information are invited to contact me at the office at 360.864.6325 or by email at

I consider this to be another way for the district to communicate with the community along with telephone, email, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and a cup of coffee at Napa in the morning.